Biomarker Discovery

Genomic biomarkers are essential tools for cancer and disease diagnosis, prescribing treatment, and monitoring therapeutic effects on patients. Researchers for biomarker discoveries use many genomic processes, including next-generation sequencing (NGS). Save time during NGS sample prep while increasing throughput and reducing hands-on time using Biomek NGS Workstations, when compared to manual processing.

  • Reduced hands–on time and increased throughput
  • Reduction in potential pipetting errors
  • Standardized workflow for improved results
  • Quick implementation with ready–to–implement methods
  • Knowledgeable support

Enabling higher throughput while increasing efficiency, and reducing hands-on time, Biomek NGS Workstations provide flexibility to maximize scheduling your day. Demonstrated methods can be run start to finish with full walk away capability, and include optional start and stop points based on the kit vendor’s recommendations.

Built using the Biomek 4000, i5 and i7 liquid handlers, Biomek NGS Workstations offer scalable automation solutions for NGS sample prep workflows including all steps involved from extraction through library construction. Pre-defined configurations for the i-Series include capability for on-deck incubation, magnetic bead separation, and shaking as well as optional enclosures and on-deck thermocycling.

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Other configurations are available. Request a quote or contact us for more information.


Biomek i7 Hybrid NGS Workstation Features

  • 300 µL or 1200 µL Multichannel head with 1-300 µL and 5-1200 µL pipetting capability
  • Span-8 pod with fixed and disposable tips
  • Enhanced Selective Tip pipetting to transfer custom array of samples
  • Independent 360˚ rotating gripper with offset fingers optimize access to high density decks
  • High deck capacity with 45 positions
  • Orbital Shakers, peltiers, span-8 and 96 channel Tip washing for controlling sample processing
  • On-deck thermocycler option
  • Enclosure option

Biomek i5 NGS Workstation Features 

  • Span-8 pod with fixed and disposable tips 
  • Multichannel with Enhanced Selective Tip pipetting to transfer custom array of samples 
  • Independent 360˚ rotating gripper with offset fingers optimize access to high density decks 
  • High deck capacity with 25 positions 
  • Orbital Shakers, peltiers, span-8 Tip washing for controlling sample processing 
  • On-deck thermocycler option 
  • Enclosure option 

Biomek 4000 NGS Workstation Features

  • With both single-channel and multichannel pipette tools Biomek 4000 has a dynamic pipetting range of 1-1000 µL
  • Single Tip pipetting to transfer custom arrays of samples
  • Enhanced Gripper tool optimizes access to both on-deck and off-deck integrated solutions
  • Orbital shakers, peltiers and thermal cycling for controlling sample processing
  • Enclosure option

Biomek Method Launcher

This secure interface for method implementation does not affect method integrity, and allows users to remotely monitor the progress of the run. The manual control options provide the opportunity to interact with the instrument, if needed. Guide Labware Setup (GLS) provides the user specific text and graphical setup instructions such as reagent volume calculations and step-by-step instructions to prepare reagents and place labware for NGS library construction.


Minimum Table Support Requirements 116x63cm(46x25in)
Pod and Tool Type 1μL - 300 μL 96-Channel head; 5 μL -1200 μL 96-Channel Head; 0.5 μL - 60 μL Multichannel-384 Head; Span-8 Pod
Operating System Windows® 10
Software SAMI EX scheduling software, Biomek PowerPack software, Biomek Method Launcher, DART 2.0 software, Biomek software
Display 22" controller screen
Operating Modes Semi-automated, manual, controlled by operator
Autoclavable No
Item Specifications Referenced C23339

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