Beckman Coulter Launches the First 10-colour, CE IVD reagent for L&L analysis

ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen Reagent improves accuracy and turnaround time, eliminating 14 workflow steps.

Miami, USA  (October  17,   2016) ─ Beckman Coulter Life Sciences further demonstrates its expertise in clinical flow cytometry with the launch of ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen Reagent*,Europe’s first CE-marked 10-colour, 12 antibody reagent combination for leukaemia and lymphoma analysis.
The ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen delivers greater confidence in results with a faster turnaround time (TAT). It eliminates 14 manual workflow steps, while streamlining five others; and is available through a dry unitized, ready to use formulation.  ClearLLab has been specifically designed for the fast and accurate identification of haematolymphoid cell populations on the company’s Navios flow cytometer.
Mario Koksch, vice president and general manager of Beckman Coulter’s Cytometry Business Unit said: “Beckman Coulter provides lab scientists with the tools they need to standardise and streamline workflow when using high content flow cytometry in clinical decision-making. By eliminating 14 workflow steps, we empower them to achieve much faster and more consistent turnaround times.”
Flow cytometry offers significant advantages over other cell-based techniques, such as precision, speed, the preservation of cell viability and cellular functions, and simultaneous measurements of multiple cellular parameters.  As Dr Kosch explained: “If survival rates are to be improved, we need to be able to diagnose life-threatening haematolymphoid diseases as quickly as possible. With ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen, the lab now has the means to speed up the delivery of patient results to clinicians, while having added confidence in their accuracy.”
The ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen is the first of an advanced range of Beckman Coulter clinical flow cytometry products which will cater to different global workflow requirements over the next five years.  It is compatible with the World Health Organization (WHO) 2008-revised classification of myeloid neoplasms and acute leukemia. WHO, in collaboration with the European Association for Haematopathology and the Society for Haematopathology, made important changes to the classification of these diseases, including new criteria for the recognition of some previously described neoplasms as well as clarification and refinement of the defining criteria for others.1
Beckman Coulter’s clinical flow instruments
The Navios Flow Cytometer delivers increased accuracy and resolution even for dim stains and quantitation, able to maintain a high yield of processed signals, more than 90 per cent, even at 25,000 events per second. The instrument incorporates 12 detectors which include 10 fluorescence detectors and two light scattering detectors. Simultaneous measurements of integral, peak and width are available for all scatter measurements and up to 10 fluorescent parameters.
The ClearLLab product line also includes five panels of pre-mixed cocktails in liquid format for those customers carrying out flow cytometry characterisation of hematolymphoid neoplasia on Beckman Coulter’s FC 500 instrument.

* ClearLLab LS Lymphoid Screen Reagent is not available in all geographies and not available for sale in the US.
# Navios CE marked for 10-color in-vitro diagnostic use. In the U.S., Navios is intended for use as an in-vitro diagnostic device for immunophenotyping with Navios tetra software and CYTOSTAT tetraCHROME reagents. All other uses are for research use only.

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1. Vardiman JW, Arber DA, Brunning DR et al. The 2008 revision of the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of myeloid neoplasms and acute leukemia: rationale and important changes. Blood 2009 114:937-951; doi:10.1182/blood-2009-03-209262