Vi-CELL XR Reagents

Trust is an integral component of any relationship. So, let us illustrate the value and peace of mind that you will receive when you purchase Vi-CELL Reagents from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.  Vi-CELL Reagents offer: 

  • Validated reagent with appropriate cleaning and disinfectant solutions
  • Certificate of Analysis for each lot
  • Service contract guarantee

Don’t put your experiments at risk, always use Beckman Coulter reagents, a company you know and trust. Using Non-Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL reagents may result in frequent light intensity errors and clogging of the fluid lines, creating unnecessary Service visits. Our in-house testing has demonstrated that using Non-Beckman Coulter reagents with the Vi-CELL leads to gradual darkening of the flow cells which lowers the background intensity and generates a light intensity error message. This issue is corrected if a decontamination cycle is performed and the Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL Reagent Pak is subsequently used on the system.

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Product Specifications

Application Uses Bioprocessing, Cell Analysis, Cell Cycle, Cell Health, Cell Line Development
Format Liquid
Item Specifications Referenced B94987

Technical Documents

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