Beckman Coulter Life Sciences brightens flow cytometry with new SuperNova polymer dyes portfolio

Next-generation polymer dyes can improve accuracy and brightness with reduced nonspecific staining

Indianapolis — (March 30, 2021) — The world of flow cytometry is getting brighter as Beckman Coulter Life Sciences debuts its new SuperNova polymer dyes, featuring increased brightness and an improved staining index, which can enhance results in critical laboratory tests.

SuperNova dyes are a novel portfolio of polymer dyes that deliver increased brightness when excited by the violet laser for their respective channel, allowing clear differentiation between positive and negative populations for dimly expressed markers.

SuperNova conjugated antibodies deliver unique brightness for flow cytometry staining. An exclusive, proprietary formulation by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences leverages unique additives to minimize non-specific staining for greater confidence and clear results.

“These powerful dyes can allow for a much greater separation of positive and negative, helping to accelerate answers and shed more light on crucial laboratory tests,” said Dr. Mario Koksch, Vice President and General Manager of the Flow Cytometry business unit at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “Our SuperNova polymer dye conjugates can generate significantly less non-specific staining to help deliver more accuracy in results. These dyes can help eliminate false positives while reducing potentially expensive re-testing due to fuzzy results.”

Polymers made from different monomers can absorb light and then re-emit at a longer wavelength. Tandems can be derived from core polymers, with both core and tandem polymers able to be conjugated to antibodies. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has developed a proprietary technology to manufacture tandems with optimal FRET and increased stability.

Flow cytometry users praise the outcome, citing a dramatic improvement in clarity including a 57% higher staining index over a competing product.

“We have tested SuperNova v428 conjugated antibodies on about 50 whole blood samples from healthy donors,” said Maxime Moulard, Scientific Director at BioCytex, a Biotech company specializing in the standardization of flow cytometry assays. “The outstanding performances, including the staining index, are remarkable for SuperNova v428 conjugated antibodies. In addition, the brightness and non-specific staining are significantly improved compared to other conjugated antibodies we are used to working with.”

SuperNova v428 has a maximum emission peak of 428 nm and can be detected using a 450/50 nm bandpass filter or equivalent on the flow cytometer. The first RUO and ASR catalog products manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices are available, and new conjugated antibodies will be introduced on a regular basis.

The portfolio also includes tandem polymer dyes SuperNova v605 and SuperNova v786, available for custom conjugation. With emission peaks at 605 and 786 nm, they are optimally detected using the 610/20 and 780/60 nm bandpass filters on the flow cytometer.

For additional information visit SuperNova website page.