Beckman Coulter Unveils Biomek Method Launcher

Indianapolis, Ind. (February 29, 2016) – Beckman Coulter Life Sciences recently introduced Biomek Method Launcher, a software user-interface enhancement for running methods on Biomek Automated Workstations. The software add-on helps new and experienced operators set up and automate workflows with ease.

“Biomek Method Launcher was developed to improve the user experience and give operators increased confidence when running methods on Biomek Automated Workstations,” said Wayne Schmidt, Integrated Solutions Manager, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “We’ve also reduced the operation learning curve and eliminated the intimidation new users might feel around complex automated processes by providing an interface with simple steps along a guided process. Existing customers will benefit from a series of new features to help standardize everyday automated workflows and accelerate new method writing.”

Biomek Method Launcher enables users to select, set up, run and track methods in a few simple mouse clicks. Key features include:  

  • Launch Screen. This entry point allows users to organize and initiate their library ready-to-run methods with the click of a button.
  • Guided Labware Setup. Preparing labware for use and placement on deck has been made even simpler using the new interface. It now includes a display that provides instruction on required reagent types and volume by labware based on user-provided run parameters.
  • Simplified Progress Interface. Operators can view the status of method steps and milestones as they are executed in real time. A progress bar tracks estimated time to completion from start to finish. The deck layout display, labware properties and method parameters are updated dynamically as method progress. In addition, options exist for reviewing various levels of method data without leaving the interface.
  • Remote Monitoring. The software enables any device with a Chrome browser to remotely monitor method status during a run.

Biomek Method Launcher is now available to Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Automation customers. It can be added onto existing Biomek Software packages running on Windows 7.