Cyto 2019 Recap with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

More than 2,000 scientists descended upon Vancouver for CYTO 2019. With its wonderful posters, exhibits, and tutorials, ideas were shared, debated, and some introduced for the very first time. There seemed to be a few themes of the show. It is becoming increasingly clear that extracellular vesicles and other small particles are a growing area of research, as scientists tap into the potential of these nanoparticles for their potential as communication channels and drug delivery mechanisms. 

Cyto 2019 Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Dr. Karla Williams presented her research into bio-markers present on prostate cancer patients, leading to the development of a “liquid biopsy” that can identify those at greatest risk. 

Extracellular Vesicles as a Liquid Biopsy in Cancer


Automation for high-throughput flow cytometry was the buzz of the exhibit hall, with the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences booth featuring a fully integrated Biomek i7 Automated Liquid Handler with a CytoFLEX flow cytometer, as well as our new Automation Assistant. View our automation solutions for flow cytometry here

 Cyto-Conference-Booth  Cyto-Conference-Instrument-Display


In a timely publication, the Jennifer Jones lab of the NIH published "High-fidelity detection and sorting of nanoscale vesicles in viral disease and cancer" reviewing the MoFlo Astrios cell sorter for small particle applications. (Morales-Kastresana et. al).

As we continue to explore new and exciting research areas, coming together as a community allows us to share and explore the field together. We look forward to CYTO 2020 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.