PC Maintenance Service Advisory

Computer equipment is sometimes overlooked when considering routine maintenance of laboratory equipment.  However, if not properly maintained, the equipment could overheat leading to troublesome and avoidable problems.  Your routine maintenance should include inspecting and cleaning personal computers (PC’s) to avoid buildup of dust and debris that can contribute to overheating, fire or early failure.  

Periodic Inspection and Maintenance

PC towers typically require certain dimensional clearances for adequate airflow to cool internal components that can generate significant heat during operation.  Include in your routine maintenance a requirement to check placement of the PC on a regular basis and again anytime when equipment is moved, rearranged, or new equipment is added.

Periodically inspect the space around the PC and in PC openings, such as air ventilation ports, power cord connection ports, and air inlets for cooling fans, for buildup of dust or debris and remove as needed.

Inspect power cords and connectors for damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion that could result in a short or increased resistance that can lead to overheating and fire. Clean power cords regularly and immediately replace cords that are cut, corroded or otherwise damaged.

Always follow maintenance and service directions in the PC user manual. Inspect and clean the PC environment on a regular basis. 

Contact the PC manufacturer, your distributor, or your Service and Maintenance contractor with any questions about maintaining your PC.