Powerful new Cytobank platform upgrade available from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

New Features Include Statistical Inference Tools to Provide Greater Clarity in Results

INDIANAPOLIS – (March 23, 2022) – Building on its legacy of providing labs with better solutions for analysis, management, and sharing of complex flow and mass cytometry data, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences announces a series of updates to its Cytobank platform.

The Cytobank platform is a cloud-based analysis solution for cytometry data and provides powerful visual data management and controlled data sharing. With access to machine learning-assisted analysis without the need for coding knowledge, the Cytobank platform helps researchers discover new insights from high-dimensional data with the use of unbiased approaches that reduce reproducibility issues, eliminating operator-dependent bias.

Users will now have the ability to access, directly from their Illustrations, common statistical tests such as regular and paired Student’s t-test, One or Two-way ANOVA, Mann-Whitney U test and many more. The new update also provides an automatic stain index calculation to ease the tedious step of antibody titration.

Version 9.1 offers statistical inference enhancements to streamline data analysis workflows, which includes eliminating the need to copy-paste data between different analysis software to test for statistical significance. Additional new features include bar charts, box plots, violin plots, line and summary dot plots and dimension-annotated heatmaps available in the Illustration Editor to allow users to easily summarize meaningful results.

“We believe that analysis of complex data should never be the bottleneck in research” said Nicole Weit, Senior Technical Product Manager for Biodiscovery Flow Software. “Our users need to have confidence in their data, and our aim is to reduce any possible error-prone step in the data analysis workflow to increase reproducibility. The intent is to provide a comprehensive solution that should make the life of any scientist easier: our solution offers not just algorithms for advanced visualization, it also offers comprehensive statistical analysis.”

A favorite among lab staff, 86% of users* are likely to recommend the Cytobank platform to others and praise the ability to provide illustrations that relate to raw data, effortless data management, and ease in sharing and collaborating with colleagues.

“Cytobank gives more confidence in running data clustering and visualization, speeds up the process, and encourages the publication of data in a more fancy way than regular dot plots analysis,” said a Staff Scientist at the University of Oklahoma. “It simply leverages the flow cytometry data analysis on a higher level.”

About 44% of surveyed organizations* stated that using the Cytobank platform has reduced the time spent managing their data by half or more.

Cytobank has been a part of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences since 2019. A series of updates and enhancements are planned throughout 2022. Learn more about Cytobank version 9.1 at https://becls.co/3Gqp1gH.



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* Respondents surveyed through TechValidate

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