AQUIOS PLG (PanLeukoGating)

Affordable, Reliable CD4 Testing

By focusing on the most essential parameters for monitoring HIV therapies (CD45 vs CD4), AQUIOS PLG addresses cost, complexity, and the time previously required by labor-intensive processes to provide busy laboratories with an affordable, high-performance monitoring solution that also offers standardization and simplicity. This comprehensive suite of innovative products provides highly effective monitoring tools that can be taken closer to patients to accelerate time-to-treatment.

AQUIOS PLG (PanLeukoGating) Panel is available in Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. AQUIOS PLG Panel is not available in any other markets, including the United States and Europe



  • Integrated fully automated sample preparation system - no sample preparation necessary, reducing operator exposure to biohazards.
  • 72 h post draw testing window - percent & absolute CD4 values on aged patient specimens to support even your remote blood draw needs.
  • Simple, affordable testing - takes CD4 monitoring to new places.
  • Less than 35 minutes to % CD4 and absolute CD counts - gives healthcare workers critical information while the patient is still on site.

The Role of CD4 Testing

Monitoring CD4 lymphocyte counts is essential in providing critical information that impacts patient care. CD4 monitoring allows caregivers to know when the disease transforms and stage its progression so they can implement the most appropriate intervention. Beckman Coulter has been providing cost effective solutions to monitor CD4 status in resource limited countries for several decades. The mounting HIV problem in these regions of the world has led to innovative solutions with a mission to deliver patient care.


The AQUIOS CL Load & Go flow cytometer is an all-in-one solution that incorporates automated loading, sample preparation, reagent management, barcode scanning, data analysis, and full LIS connectivity.

  • Reducing potential user error by eliminating numerous manual steps to set up and run.
  • Enhanced productivity with high-throughput performance by eliminating the least efficient features of existing systems.
  • Learn in as little as one day for skilled flow cytometrists with computer based training videos.

Beckman Coulter CARES

The CARES initiative was launched and driven by a social and civic responsibility to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Public and private partnerships are being explored to identify areas for Beckman Coulter to contribute for the broader purpose. We seek to develop alliances with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), implementing partners, and health policy organizations to align our efforts.

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CARES Award -Recognizing those who have improved the lives of people living with HIV The Beckman Coulter Life Sciences CARES Award celebrates the vision and endeavor of an individual whose humanitarian work, combined with their own commitment, has significantly improved the lives of local people impacted by HIV
AQUIOS CL Brochure AQUIOS CL Load & Go – And make flow cytometry simplicity itself
AQUIOS CL Brochure - Español AQUIOS CL Load & Go – Y haga que la citometría de fluja sea la simplecidad en sí misma
Comparing the AQUIOS CL PLG Application to the FC500 MCL FlowCARE PLG Application The performance of the AQUIOS PLG System (or application) was assessed by comparing the results to the comparator estimation of difference as described in CLSI EP9-A3 Measurement Procedure Comparison and Bias Estimation Using Patient Samples; Approved Guideline, Third Edition.

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