IOTest Myeloid Activation Antibody Cocktail

The innate immune system is responsible for providing the first line of recognition and defense against invading microorganisms. Myeloid cells, such as monocytes and macrophages, neutrophils, or dendritic cells (DCs) are activated upon contact with foreign bodies. They then release various pro-inflammatory mediators such as cytokines and interferons (IFNs), which are also associated with the expression of specific molecules on the surface of the immune cells. The 3-marker combination (CD169/CD64/HLA-DR) gives an excellent overview of the innate immune response by analyzing peripheral blood.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Analytical Performance

Easy to Use

  • Ready to use assay with verified panel design
  • No compensation required
  • Streamlined workflow, just add sample, incubate, wash and acquire


  • Eliminate time spent in titrating different antibody lots
  • Avoid waste that comes from preparing cocktail master mix
  • Simplify inventory management

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