Echo Liquid Handling for Biochemical Assays

Ensures reagents are transferred without loss of material

Simplify Assay Workflows with Precise Reagent Transfers

Buffer formulations are often complex in order to maintain protein stability in long-term storage. This complexity presents challenges for traditional liquid handling methods to transfer reagents without loss of material. The Echo Liquid Handler incorporates Dynamic Fluid Analysis technology into the liquid transfer process that ensures reagents are transferred without loss of material and regardless of the storage buffer complexity.

Smooth, Trouble-free Liquid TransfersEcho 655T Acoustic Liquid Handler

Many biochemical reagents are unique and available in low quantities (and expensive)! It is not uncommon for reagents to ship in buffers containing glycerol or detergents to maintain stability. Most liquid handler processes require dilution to prevent these reagents from interfering with liquid transfer methods. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences uses Dynamic Fluid Analysis technology in our Echo Liquid Handlers. Assay developers do not need to create fluid classes or calibrations for every reagent they need to transfer. The Echo Liquid Handler determines the parameters needed to successfully transfer reagents at run time — even if it has never transferred that reagent before. Scientists are freed of creating calibrations and can focus on generating results—not maintaining equipment required to generate their data.

The Echo Liquid Handler helps ensure that samples and reagents are dispensed without risk of contamination or sample degradation — regardless of fluid type. The Echo Liquid Handler is capable of transferring proteins stored in buffer containing up to 50% glycerol. The unique Echo capabilities eliminates the requirement to dilute reagents in order to accurately transfer them, opening the door to further miniaturization.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless transfer of reagents from stocks in glycerol or high-concentrations of protein through Dynamic Fluid Analysis technology
  • Unmatched precision and accuracy for all fluid types, with no need for user fine tuning
  • Significant cost savings through minimizing sample and reagent volumes to levels impossible with other liquid handling technologies
  • Consistent results across multiple users through plug-and-play automation and controlled timing that addresses the entire assay workflow