High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

HTS is a robust approach that has become a standard method for identifying interesting candidates for drug discovery, biomarker research and other applications. HTS brings together robotic automation, liquid handling, and signal detection in a combinational approach to produce rich data sets in a short period of time. Automation is a critical component of HTS, as speed, throughput, and the production of high-quality data are important.

HTS is the process of screening large numbers of biological modulators against selected targets. HTS systems are used to screen different types of libraries such as chemical, genomics, protein, and peptide libraries. Full-scale HTS libraries can extend into many thousands of modulators, and HTS systems may screen 10,000-100,000+ per day or week.

Screening a large number of biological modulators across a panel of targets generates a number of active hits, which are then validated through secondary screening prior to advancement for more in-depth study. Scaling up of assay liquid volumes is an important consideration in many HTS applications, as confirmational secondary screening is often performed in larger-volume assays or through secondary screens with a different volume requirement.

Automated Technologies Increase Speed, Throughput and Capacity

Speed and throughput capacity are important attributes for achieving a positive outcome while minimizing project timeline and costs. Biomek workstations provide comprehensive, tailored solutions for high-throughput screening workflows. Beyond robust instrumentation, we provide data-rich software, deep workflow and application expertise, custom engineering, service plans and a broad range of supporting resources.

Our systems can meet virtually all high-throughput screening needs:

  • System flexibility enables you to do as little or as much as you need, whether you’re doing a simple assay or complex screen
  • Integration of other devices – we continually add to our library of over 300 device integrations
  • Small- to large-volume pipetting mechanisms to/from low- to high-density plates and tubes
  • Precise scheduling to provide consistent well-to-well treatment, no matter your daily throughput requirements
  • Simplified data management software enables you to easily run and pull reports for analysis without assistance from IT
  • Reliability that the system will do its job every day, so you can do yours
  • Proven workflow capabilities for:
    • High-content screening
    • High-throughput screening
    • siRNA screening
    • RNAi screening
    • Phenotypic screening

Featured Video: Automated Human Stem Cell-Based Phenotypic High-Throughput Drug Screening

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