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IVD Antibody Combinations for Leukemia & Lymphoma* Analysis

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NOTE: Casebook examples are provided for illustrative purposes only, and not all categories of hematolymphoid neoplasms may be represented, not are all possible immunophenotypic variants described or demonstrated.

*Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma only

This casebook has been designed to assist in the analysis of flow cytometric immunophenotyping data generated using ClearLLab 10C Panels CE-IVD marked reagent for Leukemia and Lymphoma* analysis on the Navios and Navios EX flow cytometers.

Sample cases with characteristic findings typical of various lymphoid and myeloid neoplasms are included, as are cases from patients with clinical and/or laboratory findings that suggest an underlying neoplastic process, but in which no immunophenotypic abnormality is identified. Specimen types include peripheral whole blood, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.

Each case includes a clinical vignette that describes the patient demographics and clinical history, case-specific listmode data files for reanalysis by the user of this casebook, ClearLLab 10C specific analysis protocols to be used with the listmode data, and a report showing the analysis with provided protocols. Each report includes analysis notes that highlight the immunophenotypic findings as well as potential pitfalls.

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