Benefits of Dry Reagents: DURAClone

DURAClone tubes contain a coating of a dry antibody panel stable at room temperature (20 to 30 °C). The antibodies will dissolve with the addition of the sample. Assay tubes and compensation kits contain identical tandem dye-labeled antibodies to ensure accurate and easy compensation.

The DURAClone unitized assay replaces reagent cocktail preparation and the pipetting errors and along with it the reagent mix up events that can happen. Cocktailing is time consuming, repetitive and difficult to automate.  With DURAClone this step is eliminated.

DuraClone IM Workflow Illustration

Our proprietary dried reagent manufacturing process, powered by DURA Innovations technology, results in a room temperature stable reagent. While unitizing the assay replaces extensive management of single-color reagent inventory, the drying takes lab efficiency to the next level by allowing storage at room temperature for worry free storage and shipping. Dry reagent technology protects the reagent, maintaining performance over time.

Beckman Coulter fully characterizes the quality of our reagents.  Multiple lots of each reagent are tested by multiple operators to determine the recommended staining concentration and incubation time.  Each new lot is evaluated to ensure that established QC parameters are met.  This allows us to provide rigorous staining procedure with repeatable results. Reduce your lot-to-lot equivalence testing by switching to a pre-mixed panel adhering to strict QC standards.  These unitized, dry-format reagent panels help minimize variability for studies carried out across multiple sites.

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DURAClone antibody panels, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature, enable the level of experimental rigor that is key to multi center and longitudinal clinical research studies.