Facility Monitoring System (FMS): Accessories & Service Solutions

Facility Monitoring System portable and remote air particle countersCompliance services

From assistance with SOP development for manual monitoring, to full validation documentation packages for automated systems, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences ensures that your particle monitoring program is fully compliant. We assist with URS planning, provide validation documents (IQ/OQ), and guide you through the validation testing process to final sign-off.

System development services

When your requirements include automated monitoring, our dedicated Systems Team ensures smooth implementation. Our service covers each phase of system deployment:

  • Project management
  • System requirement definition and design
  • Software configuration
  • Validation documentation
  • System installation and commissioning

System integration services

Our Systems Team are also experts at integrating our instruments with your existing Enterprise Information Systems, LIMS, or Building Management System. Let us eliminate:

  • Data silos and validation for multiple systems
  • Multiple reports by including non-viable and viable particle data with all other production data
  • Maintenance and upgrades for multiple monitoring systems

Environmental sensors and system accessories

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences offers a wide spectrum of accessory items to complete and perfect your facility monitoring system:

  • Relative humidity and temperature sensors
  • Air velocity sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • IO modules for connecting to existing sensors, door switches, tool interrupts, etc.
  • Ethernet switches, touch-screen NEMA computers etc.
  • Distributed vacuum systems
  • Distributed DC power systems
  • Variety of isokinetic sample probe options
  • Multi-function alarm and stacklight modules

Compliance experts

The MET ONE brand has years of experience meeting regulatory requirements and assisting our customers with particle monitoring systems solutions. Before published regulatory guidance, we were helping companies meet the recommendations of individual regulators. As new standards and regulations emerged, we have guided the industry and regulatory community toward practical
implementations. When your requirements include automated monitoring, our dedicated Systems Team ensures smooth implementation. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences provides many services to help you stay abreast of current regulations:

  • Regional Life Science User Group seminars
  • Compliance Webinars
  • On-site consulting and seminars for your particular needs

We can help you design the right particle monitoring program for improved compliance accuracy and productivity.

On-site service

With our large global network of local service offices, we are the only company that can deliver fully compliant on-site service for your instruments, including full ISO 21501-4 calibrations. Each of our automated monitoring solutions can report the calibration status of each instrument and proactively notify you of upcoming calibrations to ensure full service compliance of all batch production and environmental monitoring measurements. Our service agreements program provides proactive pre-scheduled on-site calibration and maintenance services, including discounts for any repairs.