Benefits of Workflow Automation

Using a centralized, integrated workstation to automate repetitive processes such as manual pipetting can yield an array of advantages for your lab, such as:

  • Mechanically standardizing/regulating liquid aspiration and dispensation
  • Eliminating inconsistencies in tip positioning/angle and plunger force
  • Minimizing potential environmental disparities among different workstations
  • Improving workflow efficiency
  • Reducing staff turnover

Another important benefit: automated workstations relieve staff of the intense concentration demands—and fatigue—that can result from many experiments, freeing them up to make more productive use of their time.

And a customized automated liquid-handling workstation can keep your assays moving even on weekends—so you can get the most out of your lab Monday through Sunday.

Flexibility for your laboratory

The moment a team of automation consultants step into your lab, they have your interests in mind. Beginning with a consultative workflow analysis, your Beckman Coulter team can help design an automation solution tailored to your lab’s needs.

For some, this entails integrating only a few simple devices. Others might need an end-to-end, fully automated workstation. Regardless of the relative simplicity or complexity of your desired automation solution, your Beckman Coulter automation team will be ready to help you optimize your:

  • Workflows and sample throughput
  • Data accuracy and management
  • Sample traceability
  • Staff flexibility
  • Laboratory space

Flexibility is often key to building an integrated liquid-handling system that aligns with your short- and long-term goals. This could require creating a workstation configuration that can be used for multiple assays today, yet enables you to efficiently increase throughput over time.

Or it could include integrating automation-friendly labware that you already own into a new automated workstation.

Whatever your goals, Biomek automated workstations are designed to easily integrate with your existing instruments, and to provide the flexibility you need today—and will need in the future.

Automation software and laboratory data management

Your experiments can generate millions of data points. Each time a sample moves, so does its related data—and efficiently managing all that data requires the right software.

Easy-to-use automation software enables you to accurately and efficiently drive, schedule and track data for your entire workflow, with every associated setting and data point stored in (and accessible from) a single computer.

Other key benefits of automation software:

  • Accurate timing, location and resource models help discover errors before a run, resulting in optimized, prevalidated and reliable workflows
  • On-screen method views during a run let you monitor labware throughout the process
  • Flexible functionality enables you to reschedule and add families to a method while it’s running
  • Automatic device failure alerts can:
    • Immediately initiate predefined remedial actions
    • Notify users via e-mail or audible alarm
    • Offer on-screen prompts for information required to proceed

Simplified data reporting

Automation software solutions help you easily access and generate reports about your runs, labware and samples anytime.

With seamless data transfer between methods, there’s no need to read intermediate text files. Instead, automation software can provide a data pathway free of human interaction for the most reliable reporting to your Laboratory Information Management System (LIM) or other enterprise data system.

Stop chasing data. Shorten and streamline your data’s path from acquisition to analysis using automation software.

Meeting Industry Standards: ISO 9001

Averaging more than 400 projects a year, we leverage our knowledge and experience from each integration project to provide a customized solution to fit your needs.

All engineered solutions from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are built on worldwide best practices and align with ISO quality management system requirements.

Ongoing support

With the purchase of your Beckman Coulter system, you receive not only high-quality, reliable instrumentation, you get our unwavering commitment to providing superior service and support.

Also included with your integrated automated workstation purchase are opportunities for hands-on instrument training, PROService remote management and application support.


Benefits of Workflow Automation

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