Integration Process: Laboratory Automation

Your Biomek automated workstation from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can be much more than simply a liquid handler. If desired, you can count on us to help you transform your Biomek instrument into a fully integrated workflow solution for your lab. Whether that solution requires only existing equipment or new instruments, we’ll work with you to analyze your application process and design a fully integrated system that addresses your most demanding challenges.

Integrated solutions processFor everything from simple device integrations to the development of comprehensive robotic systems, our integrated solutions team has the expertise you need. This includes multidisciplinary training and experience in mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, software development and project management.

With a Beckman Coulter system integration, you’ll receive high-quality, reliable instrumentation and our commitment to providing superior service and support. We have more than 30 years of experience collaborating with laboratories around the world to help overcome workflow challenges through the successful development and implementation of large-scale automation systems. Ready to put our skills to the test? So are we, and here’s how we’ll do it:

Systems Development

1. Workflow Analysis: The process begins with an in-depth discussion of your workflow and goals. Our team is comprised of experts in science and laboratory automation who understand your research and speak your language. Initial discussions will focus on workflow details, experimental methodologies, throughput and data management needs.

2. Requirements Definition: From a clear understanding of your workflow, the team will distill the workflow to a list of clear requirements for the automated solution. Considerations will be made for user experience, sample manipulation and movement, and process and data management.

3. System Design: The project team will design a virtual system combining a Biomek Liquid Handler, analytical equipment, robotics (if applicable) and system software to meet your laboratory, workflow and user requirements.

4. Customer Acceptance: You and your team will review the proposed automated solution to ensure the system meets your needs. Modifications can be made at this stage to adjust configuration.

5. Hardware and Software Engineering: Our team of experienced engineers then takes a systems-level approach to ensuring that all hardware—including integrated devices—works seamlessly with pipetting/scheduling software and data management tools. To ensure ISO 9001 compliance, the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Quality Team also oversees hardware/software engineering for Biomek workstations.

6. Design Verification and Validation Testing: After assembly, the automated system will undergo rigorous operational testing to ensure compliance. Beckman Coulter operates under a quality management system that adheres to recognized ISO standards including design control. Factory and site acceptance tests are available upon request.

7. Installation and Training: Finally, our team will ensure the system is properly installed and operating in your lab. Then we’ll fully train your operators on use of the system—either in your lab or at one of our Vision training centers.

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