Our innovative new format for automated use of dry reagents

DURACartridges are a new format of custom designed dry pre-mixed antibody panels to work with the CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System. Our proprietary method to dry reagents with the DURA Innovations technology does not involve the process of lyophilization and offers many advantages for improved workflow efficiency. Every DURACartridge has 12 wells with dry reagents covered with pierceable foil. The CellMek SPS System provides onboard capacity of up to 12 DURACartridges, 12 tests each, which adds up to a total capacity of up to 144 tests. That can help further decrease the turnaround time in labs with higher throughput.

DURACartridges can be ordered through Custom Reagent Services. This service offers flexibility to design a reagent and panel configuration, using Beckman Coulter’s large antibody portfolio, as well as choose the preferred reagent format in order to simplify workflow and minimize time spent on manual processes. Depending on their needs, laboratories can choose either LUCID Custom Panel Design and Cocktail Services* or RESOURCE Contract Manufacturing Services**

Find out more about the differences between LUCID and RESOURCE services.

* LUCID Custom Panel Design & Cocktail Services is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
** RESOURCE Contract Manufacturing Services for DURA Innovations-based dry reagents is available only in North America. For CMS/RESOURCE reagents, the customer is the legal manufacturer of the product. The customer provides the formulation of the reagent combination and bears responsibility for any legal or regulatory requirements for the finished product including validation, product label content, intended use claims and regulatory approvals or clearances based on the product’s final use.

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