Cell Line Development and the Valita Titer Assay

Cell line development is the process of establishing and optimizing a stable and reproducible cell line for use in research, biomanufacturing or drug discovery. It involves the selection and isolation of a specific cell type with desired characteristics, followed by the establishment of a clonal cell population that can be grown and expanded.

The Valita Titer assay plays a significant role in cell line development by providing a quantitative measurement of the productivity or expression level of monoclonal antibodies in a given cell line. It’s used to determine the IgG titer produced by the cell line, which is crucial for evaluating the performance and productivity of the selected clone.

Rapid Clone Productivity Screening

In cell line development, being able to accurately and rapidly measure monoclonal antibody titer is critical.

Cell Line Development Workflow with Valita Titer Assay 

The Valita Titer assay can enable cell line development labs to prepare and measure a full 96- or 384-well plate in as little as 15 minutes. It’s among the industry’s fastest IgG tests and is compatible with most automation platforms , including our Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations.

  • Get results in less than 15 minutes
  • Available in 96- and 384-well plate options
  • No sample preparation, additional reagents or wash required

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A Story About Developing Scalable, High-Yielding CHO Cell Lines

Thanks in part to the Valita Titer assay, ExcellGene—a Swiss biologics CDMO—was able to develop scalable, high-yielding (4-8 g/L) Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines in just eight weeks.

Watch as ExcellGene’s Dr. Joeri Kint explains how being able to measure IgG directly in cell suspension and go straight from culture to plates and results is enabling them to rapidly select high-producing clones.


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