Products Designed for ISO 11171 Compliance

Automatic liquid particle counters (LPCs) are the accepted means of determining the concentration and size distribution of contaminant particles. Individual LPC accuracy is established through calibration.

HIAC 8011+ Lab Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC 8011+• Analyze samples of hydraulic fluids, solvents & aqueous solutions
• Monitor particle contamination levels in mobile & industrial hydraulic systems
• Measure roll-off cleanliness of equipment
• Testing cleanliness of parts washing systems


HIAC PODS+ Portable Liquid Particle Counter for accurate onsite particle count data

Hiac Pods Plus• For field-based fluid power applications and more—accommodates fuels, glycols, organics & water-based fluids
• Sample fluids from 1 - 425cSt without dilution
• Battery powered – process particle count data in < 60 seconds.
• Flow path cleans in seconds eliminating sample carry-over

Helping researchers and labs maintain compliance with standards